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Aviation services for MEA Region


Professional Helicopter Aviation Training Organization approved EASA (IT.ATO.0091)

MTO 147

Professional Maintenance Training Organization approved EASA

Flight Simulation

Professional EASA Full Flight Simulators training

TEA Professional English

Professional Training and Test of English for Aviation (Official TEA Center No. 239)


AviA MEA is the MEA regional hub of an EASA approved group companies (European Aviation Safety Agency) with the following certifications:

in the aviation industry for more then 30 years.


Operations with single and twin engine helicopters and light fixed wing

  • CAT Commercial Air Transport Operations (EU Reg. 965/2012)
    • Public transport;
    • HEMS/SAR;
    • External cargo ops;
    • Hoist ops;
    • Hostile environment ops;
    • Fire fighting;
    • Aerial survey
    • High altitude operations
    • Humanitarian & disaster relief flight operations
  • EASA ATO Approved Training Organization (EU Reg. 1178/2011)
    • Integrated CPL (24 month);
    • PPL license;
    • CPL license;
    • ATPL license;
    • Instrumental Rating;
    • Type Rating;
    • Recurrent training.
  • EASA – MTO Maintenance Training Organization (Part. 147 EU Reg. 1321/2014)
    • Basic training courses AML license (B1, B2, C);
    • Type Training courses;
  • EASA – CAMO Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (Part. M EU Reg. 1321/2014);
  •  EASA – AMO Approved Maintenance Organization (Part. 145);
  • EASA – DOA (sub part J) / POA (Part 21 EU 748/2012)
    • STC Supplement Type of Certificate;
    • Major and Minor Change;
    • Equipment production.

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